[* b o : m][h o Ʊ m] - Living on a Tree

  • Tanja Becher


This writing is about a performative installation called [ *b oː m ] [ h o ʊ m ] (or boom home; boom is the Dutch word for tree). Both concept and realisation were done by me, …, in the context of the scenography exhibition A Tiding Of Magpies in June 2018. The tree home construction was strapped onto a platanus tree in front of De Gelderlandfabriek in Culemborg, the Netherlands, for one week. It was inhabited by me for three days and two nights. The term public intervention seems an appropriate characterisation, because the main intention was the interaction with people in public space.

In this essay, I provide a description and reflection on both the process and the project starting with my main principle and some artistic influences. In the second part, the focus is on the process, from concept development to actual construction. The third chapter defines the methodology of the project as research layers and describes effects on the spectator (quantitative) and on myself as performer (qualitative). The fourth part is used for reflection on selected content layers: safety, basic needs, intimacy, normality, consumption and housing situation. The last chapter gives a prospect on next steps and following projects.

Keywords:      public intervention, ecological art, performative installation, artistic research

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Published on
14 Jan 2019
Peer Reviewed