Documenta (ISSN 0771-8640) is an important forum for the study of theatre in the Low Countries. It is a journal that accommodates in-depth, scholarly contributions on all aspects of theatre, as well as essays and critical reflections. Although the main proportion of articles in Documenta focuses on theatre and performance, contributions relating to music, film and New Media are also considered, as far as they relate to the performing arts.

The journal was founded in 1983 by Jozef De Vos in the bosom of the Ghent Documentation Centre for Dramatic Art. Since 2015, Documenta has been published by S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media) of the Department of Theatre Studies at Ghent University. The editorial board is composed of theatre scholars from various universities and colleges. Chief editors are Christel Stalpaert and Bram Van Oostveldt.