‘Slow Togethering’ as a Tool for Dialogic Development amongst Dance Dramaturgs

  • Miranda Laurence (Coventry University and Aarhus University)
  • Sara Živkovič Kranjc (University of Ljubljana)


This article is an experiment in ‘slow togethering’ between two dance dramaturgs. It investigates dance dramaturgy practice beyond the making of a creative product, in which dialogue about practice occurs simultaneously with dialogue as practice. Thus, the authors propose this article itself as practice research. We understand ‘slow togethering’ as a form of dialogue over time: the article presents a series of exchanges by the authors which were written over a period of one month. Alongside these exchanges, there is a commentary reflecting on these texts and the overall process. With this format, the authors aim to disrupt the conventions of linear and sequential thinking, offering an opportunity for the reader to explore different ways of encountering the narratives of the article. In this vein, the authors suggest the reader takes up the role of a dialogue partner in their own right, acknowledging that a reader’s dialogic response resides in a space and time beyond that of the article.

Keywords: dance dramaturgy, dialogue, collaboration, practice research, process

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Laurence, M. & Živkovič Kranjc, S., (2023) “‘Slow Togethering’ as a Tool for Dialogic Development amongst Dance Dramaturgs”, Documenta 41(1), 183–201. doi:

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Published on
14 Nov 2023
Peer Reviewed