Dialogue and Repertoire: The Ever-Changing Nature of Walking and Talking Together

  • Andrea Maciel orcid logo (University of Arts London)
  • Diana Taylor (New York University)


This conversation between Professor Diana Taylor and Dr. Andrea Maciel presents Taylor’s life-long experience fostering art and activism, as well as promoting dialogical research encounters through The Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics. The discussion encompasses the role of the archive as part of a mutual collaboration between performance and practice as research whilst opening a critical inquiry on how new epistemologies for artists and researchers can contemplate the archive as a force for the creation of laboratorial praxis. Drawing on her long experience as a core member of Cross Pollination (CP), an international arts research platform for the exchange of knowledge and nomadic laboratory spaces, Maciel invites Taylor to also reflect about the power of performances and somatic practices to trace trauma related to social cultural alienation and oppression.

Keywords: Performance, Activism, Archive, Politics, Trauma, Identitarian discourse

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Maciel, A. & Taylor, D., (2023) “Dialogue and Repertoire: The Ever-Changing Nature of Walking and Talking Together”, Documenta 41(1), 67–89. doi:

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Published on
14 Nov 2023
Peer Reviewed