Like the Space In-Between beats : A Dialogue on Dialogues

  • Marije Nie (independent artist)
  • Lotte van den Berg (independent artist)


This article transmits a dialogue between two theatre practitioners: theater-maker Lotte van den Berg, co-founder of Building Conversation, and performer/creator Marije Nie, co-founder of the Parliament of Practices and the Cross Pollination collective. The dialogue is not an argument or a debate, it is an encounter in the space in-between, inbetween our practices, experiences, professional ethos and praxis as theater-makers. It is an exercise in inviting the swirls and eddies of thoughts and impulses and following them, with care. The text follows the meandering path of the dialogue, both an exchange and a search for a state of being together that allows thoughts to emerge and take flight while staying connected to our centers, like in a physical theater training.

Keywords: dialogue, theatre, practice, Building Conversation, Parliament of Practices, praxis, space in-between, Cross Pollination collective

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Nie, M. & van den Berg, L., (2023) “Like the Space In-Between beats : A Dialogue on Dialogues”, Documenta 41(1), 111–137. doi:

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Published on
14 Nov 2023
Peer Reviewed